Picking a Computer Monitor

If you are buying a new computer, or you have decided to put one together on your own, you are most definitely going to need a monitor. And the thing about monitors is that they are not only needed for desktops, but they can be very useful if you have a laptop. Sure, when you are not home, you will use your laptop’s screen. But when you are in your room then you can easily have a monitor that gives you a much bigger picture for when you are doing work or you are watching something on your laptop.

But the question that many people will ask is what is the best monitor that they should be buying. We think that if you are in the market for a new computer monitor, it is all about the price you are willing to pay. And you will also have to take into account the power and potential of the computer that you will be using. For instance, if you get a $500 4K computer monitor, but you have a computer that can barely run games at 720p, we do not think it makes much sense to go down this route.

If you are searching for a monitor that can give you the basics, then we think a 1080p monitor that is between 21 and 24 inches is the way to go. Any smaller and you are not getting much benefit out of the nice screen. And if it is too much bigger than 24 inches, you are going to start to see pixilation because you only have that 1080p resolution. So, you will be able to find plenty of monitors in this range. Then it is about what company and what added features you care about the most. For instance, you may want a speaker with your monitor.