Finding a Great Writer for Your Essay or Online Business

Whether you are sourcing for an essay writer or someone to produce content for your online business you need to really do your research. There has been a dramatic spike in the number of companies that offer website content and affordable essay writing but not all of these firms are created equal!

Qualities to Look for in a Content Supplier

These are some of the key qualities you will need to take into consideration when you are assessing prospective website content or affordable essay writing service providers.

·    Native English Speakers Vs Non-Native English Speakers: While both may have equivalent skills in grammar the native speaker will be able to incorporate cultural nuances into the content that a non-native English speaker could not. For example someone from North America would understand the metaphors and analogies that someone who did not grow up in North America would have difficulty in understanding. If your content is for an online business then having these cultural references and nuances can really give your content an edge. If writing an essay then the academic focus of the content is more important the use of these nuances.

·    Does the Writer Meet Deadlines? This is of particular importance since there are some writers that produce superior content but they cannot meet deadlines. If you were having a term paper written that made up the bulk of your mark and the writer you hired was late in turning in the content you could be in trouble! Online business owners would also need to be proactive when reviewing prospective writers to ensure they meet deadlines. Even if the writer has a great track record you should gradually build up his/her workload so you can be sure they can meet deadlines consistently before you start relying heavily on them.

·    Is the content plagiarism free? This should be a “no brainer” but you would be amazed by the number of content producers out there that try to peddle plagiarized content. Seek out organizations that use top tier plagiarism scanning. If the content provider does not offer 100% plagiarism free content you should never use their services.

·    Is the prospective content provider able to take on additional work? Some of the best writers are booked solid so you need to bear in mind that the writer you really want may not be able to take on your entire content curation needs. Try to spread the work around multiple writers so you are never left in the lurch if one becomes ill. By spreading your content around you will also have multiple “tones” which is great when trying to get your website ranked via search engine optimization.

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When you have completed your review of the prospective content providers you should be able to find someone that is suitable for both your deadlines and budget so don’t delay performing this research.